Why does Burgess Hill get such a poor deal from Conservative controlled Mid Sussex District Council?

I’ve been examining MSDC’s Corporate Plan http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/media/Corporate_Plan_2012-13.pdf

MSDC’s Capital Programme 2011/12 – 2015/16, is shown on pages 99 to 102
To view only these pages click here to download.

Under MSDC’s heading of “Leisure and Sustainability” (Conservative Councillor Pru Moore’s responsibility) the total amount to be spent by MSDC on Burgess Hill’s parks/playgrounds amounts to just 9% or £85k out of a total of £943k.

However, it gets even worse, when one looks more closely at the figures. Within Burgess Hill’s paltry 9% or £85k figure, £54k is claimed for the Queen’s Crescent playground.

Wasn’t that £54k simply replacement money for a Council owned playground that was built on by the new Special Needs School? In other words that £54k was not a new investment in ‘Leisure’ but merely replacing an existing asset?

Therefore total new ‘Leisure’ money for Burgess Hill is actually just £31k or just 3% of MSDC’s total ‘Leisure’ budget of £943k. Furthermore this relatively pathetic £31k is not due to be released to Burgess Hill until 2015/16.

Haywards Heath, in contrast, where some of the key MSDC Conservative Cabinet members just happen to live, gets far more ‘Leisure’ funding: Haywards Heath receives 24% or £231k out of £943k.

Why does Burgess Hill, despite having the largest council tax paying population of any town in Mid Sussex, end up getting far less ‘Leisure’ money back from the Conservative controlled MSDC, than the smaller town of Haywards Heath and even less than the village of Bolnore?