Vote UKIP in the County Council elections on May 2nd

Why vote for UKIP in your County Council election?

UKIP stands for bringing power back where it belongs – with the people.

We believe that local councils, like West Sussex County Council, Mid Sussex District Council & Town/Parish councils, should be more directly responsive to the people of Sussex and less in thrall to central government.

Elected councillors should put their communities first, not party politics.

Important local issues, should be put to binding referenda. An example of this being the unanimous approval by MSDC councillors of 10,600 extra houses for Mid Sussex, of which a disproportionate 6,000 will be built on greenfields around Burgess Hill.

Councillors claim “strong local support” for this. This claim is based upon a fundamentally flawed ‘consultation’ by BHTC, where only 1.5% of the population said ‘Yes’ to a loaded questionnaire, which made no mention of houses, merely the word “Plan”.

These councillors do not represent their constituents, they merely represent the council to their constituents.

Councils should exist to serve their communities, not just spend their money.

If you agree, Vote UKIP on May 2nd.

UKIP Manifesto