UKIP represents traditional, family values

The Editor In Chief of the West Sussex County Times, West Sussex Gazette, Mid Sussex Times, Sussex Express, and Crawley Observer, Gary Shipton, recently wrote:

“In West Sussex as in the rest of England, where council elections were held on Thursday, it was UKIP that was snatching all the headlines.

From nowhere, they challenged the established three parties like never before – securing seats and chasing close behind in many others.

Their ascendancy has been meteoric and the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems need to take very seriously the national message the voters are sending.

UKIP represents traditional, family values; of standing up for Britain; of fighting for jobs for local people; of restoring grammar schools and investing in ability; of protecting free speech; of defending our green fields; of understanding that our roots are Christian and that children do best when they are growing up in a loving, secure home.