UKIP most trusted Party on Migration

The Tories cannot promise anything on Immigration. Mr Cameron is on the run. The main six Election themes do not even include Immigration! Unless we leave the EU we will NEVER be in control of Immigration from the EU. We remain an attractive country to live in and have a magnetism to intending migrants.
The British people are a beacon of tolerance and kindness, but they recognise that our tiny island cannot take massive increases in population. Our public services are creaking at the seams due to an aging population and the sheer weight of Immigration. NET Immigration currently equates to accepting the whole population of Birmingham every 30 months. That’s unsustainable and the British people know it. They want us to deal with it! Only UKIP MP’s can force the issue.
An Australian style immigrant points system, which just like the Australians operate now, would have doctors, nurses, engineers and scientists, top of the list. This is what we need URGENTLYaircraft