Tory Labour deadlock: Break it and vote UKIP

I URGE YOU ALL TO break the Labour/Tory merry go round. LET’S CHANGE THE VERY NATURE OF POLITICS. Only UKIP can do this. People are heartily fed up with the ‘old politics’. All it seems to involve is a ‘Contest of who can pledge the most’. The poor public have to weigh up the underhand way in which much of it is presented. The promises often cannot be fulfilled. The voter is disappointed; then disillusioned; then feels cheated and finally feels a certain amount of disgust.
UKIP wants to be straight with you. We believe in Britain. We believe in Democracy. Only UKIP is united on the EU issue. Only UKIP has a sensible policy on Immigration. In fact please see our ‘Policies for people’ leaflet. You will find much to agree with.
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