Tories, Labour & LibDems and tax evasion

PatrickOflynnUKIP Economics spokesman Patrick O’Flynn: “It is becoming increasingly clear that both the last Labour government and the present Conservative-Lib Dem coalition have failed to clamp down on tax evasion.

“UKIP has led the way in arguing that multi national corporations that indulge in scams to dodge tax should face a charge based on their UK turnover to ensure they at least pay a floor rate of tax.

“Of course, when we leave the EU, we will be able to regain our sovereignty over corporation tax, and prevent companies from avoiding paying the tax they should owe the UK Treasury.

“We also believe that tax evasion by individuals should face a zero tolerance approach. Every pound that one person manages to illegally evade equates to an extra pound that a law-abiding taxpayer has to pay.

“Britain’s three corporate political parties should hang their heads in shame that they have all proven so lax and so lenient towards tax evaders while hammering working people on modest incomes with hefty tax bills.

“Something is rotten in the British tax system and the Tories, the Lib Dems and Labour must all share in the responsibility for that.

“Britain needs lower and simpler taxes that are internationally competitive but it also needs a party that does not turn a blind eye to those who seek to dodge what they are legally bound to pay while still availing themselves of the many advantages of living or doing business in Britain.

“UKIP is the one party with the appetite to tackle these infuriating abuses. The British people demand change and UKIP is ready to deliver.”