No Sir John, You Are Wrong !

john-majorThe Weekly UKIPGRAPH
17th November 2014

No Sir John, You are Wrong!

Toby Brothers (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Sussex UKIP) responds to the intervention of Sir John Major over the rise of UKIP and its reasons.

Certainly UKIP is anti-EU but it is very Pro British and Pro-Democracy which plainly the EU is not. In no way is UKIP anti-foreigner! That is what opponents want to say and believe because it suits them and their cause. It does not suit us! We welcome everyone of every faith, ethnicity and orientation. We enjoy votes from all segments of our communities and that’s why the Tories and Labour are so frustrated. We have members and voters of all ethnicities, faiths and age groups. We would like more! The old parties no longer speak for a wide spectrum of Britain. Tories & Labour are both broken parties when it comes to the EU and spend their time walking on egg shells trying to satisfy both halves at once.

ONLY UKIP is united on the European question. The popularity of UKIP has little to do with the failings in the economy as Sir John suggests. The question is whether the British people want to retain the power of self determination or rather ‘sleep walk’ (to use Sir John’s phrase) into The United States of Europe. That would leave Westminster being like a US state Government and the British PM no more than a state Governor. In fact it may even be worse, as the EU commissioners who decide and propose all legislation are not even elected by the people. We would have a European President with supreme power who cannot possibly speak up for 28 nations interests!

It is totally wrong for Sir John to suggest that Britain would sink “to a much lower level of relevance,” if we leave the EU. We are the sixth largest economy in the world, but currently tethered by the EU so that we have only 3.6% of the vote amongst European Commissioners and just fewer than 10% of the votes in the European Parliament. We have far less influence in the world than we could have as a free nation state able to secure our own trade agreements without EU interference. The Swiss and the Norwegians have decided that EU membership is not for them. There was no sudden catastrophe in their economies about such a decision. There would be none for Britain. In fact we would do better.

UKIP is not anti-politics, just anti corrupt old politics. People are tired of a ‘battle of promises’ as to who will spend most. They are tired of voting and hoping, then being disappointed because the promises were impossible. UKIP is about restoring truth and honour to Politics. We should be able to respect Politicians, understand their limits and not see them as self-serving fraudsters.

Sir John should recall that he was a proponent of joining the Euro in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as Chancellor. He had a real battle persuading Mrs Thatcher that Britain must join the precursor to the Euro, being the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). We did join and it was an absolute disaster just as Mrs Thatcher had warned. We ‘fell out of it’ putting up interest rates to a hefty 15% and down to 12% on the same day, trying to defend the weak £ pound. Unsurprisingly the British economy then had a ‘blossom period’ it has not enjoyed since, as the Pound found its own level. Exports improved and the general health of the economy began to look promising despite a world recession. Sir John won the election thereafter in 1992. All this meant we were saved from joining the EURO which Labour wanted. Most mainstream economists and commentators believe this would have been catastrophic for the UK during the financial crisis. We would have been at the mercy of the European bank with our begging bowl out like the Irish, Spanish, Greeks and others.

Sir John states he believes we are better off in the EU, but really that argument has absolutely no basis in fact. He should know! The politics of the Europhile is based simply on fear of leaving. We had jobs based on European trade before the EU and we will have them after we leave. Keep your Democracy and stop corruption. The choice is yours.

Toby Brothers