Senior Labour Aide defects to UKIP

UKIP join today signUKIP join today signThe Labour Party simply has no credible policy on Europe.

The people of this country are calling for a referendum as strongly as they can. Of course the best way to have one is to elect as many UKIP MP’s as possible.

Mr Cameron made one of his ‘promises’ that he would have an EU referendum in 2017 but couched in weasel terms, ‘IF I AM PRIME MINISTER.’ There’s little certainty about that! If UKIP MP’s are involved they can oversee a fair question being set and proper ground rules. We know the British public no longer trust the Political class to carry out their wishes.

After all, Mr Cameron CAMPAIGNED IN 2010 on the promise of a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty. HE BROKE HIS PROMISE TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE.