Roads, Trains & Planes

IMG_1358Our train services are under great strain together with ever increasing road congestion.

Train services are suffering frequent cancellations in Mid Sussex and it is totally inadequate for train operators to simply adjust their timetables to overcome persistent delays and avoid contractual sanctions!

This has happened in Mid Sussex and caused commuters considerable annoyance. Contracts for train operators need to be revised to include more carriages and reduce overcrowding. They should also contain sanctions with teeth to disallow cynical timetable changes that are without genuine organisational need.

Road and repair schemes need to improve to support encouragement of cycling to work or station. This is clearly lacking in much of Mid Sussex. When I lived in Brisbane, the striking thing about local transport is that it always included provision for cycle paths or lanes. A large number of people cycle to work in the city as a result, causing less pollution and better personal fitness. We should also ensure speed cameras are used to improve road safety and are not just a means of revenue.

The Gatwick expansion must be opposed with all our might. We do not have the infrastructure in rail or road in place to cope and neither is there a sensible plan to provide it. We have low unemployment. The estimated 60,000 people needed to fill new jobs would have to come from somewhere else. They would need housing and transport, let alone the millions of extra passenger journeys to and from the airport! There would a massive increase in noise pollution and reduced air quality in Mid Sussex.

Other alternatives like Manston in Kent would be far better with easily joined transport links. Even Heathrow would generate more income with the runway infrastructure already present and waiting.