Politicians THAT NEVER DID anything else

It is incredible to think that many of the UK’s top politicians have often done nothing but politics. This is so prevalent that UKIP call those in Westminster ‘the political class.’ We are determined to break this cosy clique of self serving MP’s. Please help Toby Brothers start the process and vote UKIP on May 7th. READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT Mr Cameron, Mr Osborne, Mr Miliband, Mr Balls and Mr Clegg.
Toby Brothers, UKIP Mid Sussex candidate for Westminster, has become a qualified lawyer both in the UK and Australia. He has run his own business for nearly ten years. He has employed many people. He worked his way through university by painting and decorating people’s homes. He has even been unemployed and on benefit for a short while. He strives to help, often very challenged and unfortunate people, often on legal aid. VOTE FOR TOBY ws-candidates-sq