Osborne and Cameron both lied about EU rebate

Interesting that a Tory MP has had to point out what everyone in Britain already knows: The claimed halving of the famous EU £1.7bn bill was a LIE.
The fact that the Chancellor and Prime Minister can treat their electorate with TOTAL contempt and claim such a false victory speaks volumes. It’s the OLD POLITICS which UKIP hope to banish.

It was strange also that there was far less fuss in the media over the ‘black hole’ in Brussels finances, which was announced after the £1.7bn bill. I am sorry to inform you that this black hole amounts to £459 billion. Our share will be about £30 billion to be paid over 5 years. If your blood has not boiled dry yet there’s more. Mr Junckers (Your non-democratically appointed President, with power over you) has announced a plan to ‘kick start’ the failing Eurozone. We face potential expenditure of up to £30 billion or so. UKIP money down the drain

It’s a shame Mr Junckers has not realised that the EU structures, bureaucracy and the EURO currency, have caused the Eurozone to fail economically. It has struggled with a falling share of world trade for many years. This was already under way before the financial crisis in 2008.

Why would anyone fear leaving the EU?