Media Round Up 30 December

newspapersPlenty happenning in the media, as we head towards election year in just a couple of days time.

Here are some of the best.

Brits could pay 10% tax on assets under new proposal
The IMF world bank is proposing a ten per cent wealth tax on all households in the UK and the rest of the Eurozone

Golden hellos and the fiasco of GP contracts
Serious GP Shortages due to Govenrment forward planning incompetence

Real wages continue to drop
We are not growing faster than all other major economies. It’s slowing

Eco Zealots want to ban gas cookers!
You may have to cook your Christmas turkey by electric

Do the Right Thing
Cherish Democracy and celebrate 800 years of “The Magna Carta”

EU is crackers!
Illegal to sell Christmas crackers to under 12’s. Pull the other one!

Should Hospital Executives earn £300,000 plus?
With some as high as £620,000. Discover the fatcats

Picture: Jon S