Ex-Conservative Councillor defects to UKIP

Unlike all the other political parties, UKIP’s membership is growing. We are very pleased to announce our latest member. Adrian White, is pictured celebrating with UKIP Mid Sussex Chairman, Chris French. Ade, as he likes to be known, resigned from his Conservative Burgess Hill Town Council seat earlier this year.

As to the reasons for his leaving the Town Council and the Conservatives, Ade had this to say:

“Ever since I became interested in politics, I had followed my Father’s lead. He was a card carrying Conservative for years and I joined the local area Association when I moved to Burgess Hill some twenty or more years ago. In my time in the town, I have come to appreciate it for its’ own qualities and for the lovely people that live here.

When I saw what the council intends over the next twenty years, I was horrified. There are plans in place for 4,000 new homes, but no mention of infrastructure to support these developments. Also, there are plans to redevelop the town centre, but in hand with a development company, who are simply interested in their own bottom line and not the interests of the residents. I feel there has been far too little public involvement and that the entire package is presented as a ‘fait accomplis’.

Because of this alone, I could not, in any conscience, continue to support the Conservative led town council, who are, to all intents and purposes, nodding dogs for the regional authorities. There is insufficient backbone in the council to defend the town’s interests and speak up for the people’s needs.

As a man of principle, I stood down and decided to join a viable alternative, the UK Independence Party. They stand for independence and this is the key letter in their acronym “UKIP”. The “I” should be in bold letters. Independent thought. Independence from Europe. Independence from the hide bound political thought of the other mainstream parties. I hope to be able to offer what I can to the party and the town going forward in partnership with a strong and growing UKIP. There were other reasons behind my resignation from council of a personal nature, but the way in which certain members of the council reacted to this, was frankly sickening.”