EU Buggy insurance+ Imported doctors not the answer

The EU wants to interfere with every tiny decision in our lives. Recently it was hair dryers and vacuum cleaners motor size, now it’s compulsory golf buggy insurance! THE EU HAS NO MANDATE FOR THIS. WE WILL LOSE OUR DEMOCRACY UNLESS WE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO STOP THEM BY VOTING TO LEAVE THE EU. The British people voted convincingly for UKIP in the Euro elections of 2014. Now, we ask for your votes to carry this through to Westminster; the only place we can have real influence. IT’S THE EU OR FREEDOM; HARMONISATION WITHOUT MANDATE OR REALISATION THAT WE MUST LEAVE; WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Importing doctors is no answer to the shortage of GP’s. It is costly and does not guarantee standards. We can train enough at home if we organise it to work. Those benefiting from Govt assistance to train would be contracted to work in the NHS for a minimum of 10 years after qualification or pay back the fees.UKIP EU flag UKIP policy is to pay the tuition fees for vital jobs like doctors, scientists and engineers.