Democracy is dead in Mid Sussex

UKIP Mid Sussex and other concerned members of the public, went to a Mid Sussex District Council meeting yesterday. At the meeting, Councillors unanimously and with much pride approved their District Plan for 6,000 houses on greenfields around Burgess Hill.

What a nauseating, comical and disturbing experience.

Nauseating because it was such a blatant mutual admiration society.

Comical because they spoke constantly of “sustainability” and “protecting the environment”, whilst at the same time agreeing to the destruction of large areas of beautiful countryside forever.

Disturbing because these dangerous fools actually believe they are acting in our best interest and have “strong local support”.

This bold claim of “strong local support” is based upon the highly flawed Burgess Hill Town Council’s (BHTC) Town Wide Strategy ‘consultation’ process.  From a Burgess Hill population of over 30,000,  BHTC received only 825 responses or 2.8%. Of those 825, only 462 said ‘Yes’ to the following vague question: “Based on the information provided would you support this Plan for Burgess Hill?” . Therefore only 1.5% of the population have said ‘yes’ to a question that made no clear reference to 6,000 houses on green fields.

Furthermore anyone in the world could vote as many times as they liked in this flawed ‘consultation’ process, using the paper or online versions of the questionnaire. It was merely optional for respondents to give a name and no address was asked for. What a farce.

If BHTC & MSDC really have such “strong local support”, why don’t they hold a referendum on these 6,000 houses? They could do it at the same time as the County Council election on the 2nd of May. They won’t because they are terrified of democracy and know what the outcome would be: NO

Democracy is dead in Mid Sussex.

For more details on this meeting and BHTC/MSDC’s involvement in this farce, please visit Burgess Hill Action Group’s Facebook page

and website

BHTC’s flawed Town Wide Strategy questionnaire