Decay in Public life: Time for changes

There has been a great debate today in the House of Commons about whether an MP should retain any part of a business or job when elected. Mr Miliband says not and Mr Cameron tends to say yes. Of course Mr Miliband has had no experience in this world apart from the political world. He is therefore entirely unfitted to be a PM. It’s easy for him to say ‘no’. The fact is the House of Commons is not going to attract able people who have succeeded in their lives, if they have to give everything away when elected. Their election might be for one election only. Not only that, their skills and what they bring to debates, comes from their life experiences. Electors can judge for themselves if a balance has been struck over this, as the ‘other earnings’ of an MP haveUKIP house of commons to be declared. For example Sir Nicholas Soames in in the top four for outside earnings and declared non MP income of £276k in the last year. He has nevertheless been a respected constituency MP.