Cut the fat cat salaries at West Sussex County Council

Using a Freedom of Information request, we have uncovered some truly questionable tax payer funded salaries for 2013/14 at County Hall.

Is it acceptable for the Chief Executive of WSCC to be paid more the the Prime Minister?

The Chief Executive of WSCC is responsible for a budget of £0.5bn, and is paid £175k pa, whilst The Prime Minister of the UK, responsible for a budget of £720bn, is paid £142.5k pa.

Looking at the bigger picture, there are 9 WSCC employees paid more than £100k pa  and 279 paid more than £50k pa.

Back in the real world, the average salary paid in the UK is £26k.

In addition WSCC pays nearly 22% of the employees pensionable pay as their contribution towards their final salary pension.

WSCC total staff budget means salaries of £400m, national insurance payments of £30m & pension contributions of nearly £60m

If West Sussex County Council are looking for £140m in cuts over the next 4 years, why don’t they make a start by getting their own house in order first?