Clegg’s lie about losing 3 million EU realted jobs is unravelling

Dear Great British public,
I am sure you have realised we live in a political bubble which wishes to pull the wool over your eyes and remain in power, for power’s sake. The idea they are here to serve you the Voter seems to have been forgotten!
There are 6 million jobs across EU countries which rely on our buying their goods. I am quite sure that after we withdraw from the EU, there will be no question of anyone putting any jobs at risk for some political ideology. We are the worlds 5th largest economy and no country would refuse a trade agreement with us. Imagine for a moment that somewhere on this planet there was a country with which the EU could make a trade agreement where the EU benefits to the tune of twice the exports from the EU compared to imports into the EU.
THE EU WOULD MAKE A TRADE DEAL IMMEDIATELY! It’s a ‘no brainer’. UKIP join today signMeeting Header 3