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 The doubters have been scorned by the media, but new research strongly suggests the ‘man made climate change science’ is wrong (as we suspected all along)

UKIP support ‘animal welfare’ ban on non-stun slaughter

UKIP support the BVA and RSPCA in calling for a ban on non-stun slaughter Research by the British Veterinary Association & FSA research tell us that Halal and kosher abattoirs…

Jews Attack Derby School For Comparing UKIP With Nazis

PLEASE NOTE, UKIP has Jewish members AND MEMBERS WHO ARE TEACHERS. Some foolish people want to indoctrinate pupils with misinformation. So this article is sad to read.UKIP is a moderate…

Media Round Up 30 December

Plenty happenning in the media, as we head towards election year in just a couple of days time. Here are some of the best. Brits could pay 10% tax on…

Why is David Cameron now misleading voters about the deficit?

How can Cameron be trusted? This Spectator article is very revealing.