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Paul Joseph Watson

Political YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson on why he joined UKIP.

Vote Toby Brothers for Mid Sussex

Toby Brothers is back and is ready to represent YOU in holding Theresa May’s Red Tories to account. As your MP Toby Brothers would be committed to putting forth common…

Clegg’s lie about losing 3 million EU realted jobs is unravelling

Dear Great British public, I am sure you have realised we live in a political bubble which wishes to pull the wool over your eyes and remain in power, for…


It’s time the nation listened to UKIP’s warnings. THERE WILL BE NO MEANINGFUL RENEGOTIATION of our terms of EU membership. Period. Junckers and many others have said it. “I believe…

NHS Crisis gathers pace

The NHS is precious to us all. It needs a management rethink. It does not need top down re-organisation. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/562581/A-E-NHS-social-care-crisis-adds-more-pressure

Thousands of foreign criminals at large

I am sure that the British public are in tune with UKIP and find this sort of news both disturbing and distressing. It’s a national scandal that we do not…

Cameron & Clegg accused of VIP CHILD SEX COVER-UP

If the accusation in this article is in any way true, then sadly it is the gravest indictment of these Politicians. How could anyone stoop so low as to engage…

TV debate fiasco will damage Cameron. Vote UKIP instead

The Prime Minister is making a fool of himself over the TV debate issue. Of course he should be seen debating with the Leader of the opposition! The public may…

They Told You UKIP was Wrong and Racist… Well?

They called us racist. Well who’s wrong now?