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We don’t blame them: Bulgarians and Romanians flock here

The estimates Nigel Farage gave about the number of Bulgarian & Romanians coming to Britain are proved very accurate

BBC denies Mark Reckless place on panel: He’s not female!

So the BBC make sure they ask other Parties to produce a candidate to debate Europe and the Greek problem. But they don’t ask any other party to make sure…

EU Education policy madness: Is nothing sacred?

Our Christian based Education is to be hijacked by the EU and the forces of political correctness. The EU WANTS TO INVESTIGATE christian schools for discriminating against non believer teachers….

UKIP MEP tours Sussex

UKIP MEP Diane James took to the top of the open top UKIP bus in Sussex today.

Cameron tries to steal UKIP Education Policy

It was only in 2007 that David Cameron decried the creation of any new Grammar Schools. Then he insisted there was a ‘hopelessness’ about calls for more grammars because they…

Deflation will knock Tax receipts

The EU is already in deflation. Although the European Central Bank claims that the Quantitative Easing recently announced will ‘do the trick,’ there is good reason to doubt this. For…

Keynesian Print and spend: It will not solve a crunch

Even the Prime Minister has recently suggested a financial crunch is likely. But there he is saying we have growth and jobs and financial security in the run up to…