Business is wary of Labour: who can blame them?

The Business community is wary of Labour and Ed Miliband because he has taken the Labour Party sharp left. He believes in state control of markets as an answer. The Tories believe everything can be privatised – their latest being the Post Office and the National Probation Service. UKIP believes policy should be dictated by ‘what works.’ Labour do not understand business and they don’t understand that hardworking families have security when their jobs are safe asbecause they are succeeding and growing. They don’t understand that risk takers need rewards. The Tories are too ready to allow big business to influence policy, which may not always be appropriate – for example the large reduction in transaction tax within hedge funds for the super rich during the worst financial crisis since the 1930’s, AMOUNTING TO ABOUT £120M. Of course, the biggest donors to the Tories recently were….Hedge Funds.

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