Another Tory MP defector to UKIP possible

Tory defections to UKIP on a local level have been going on for a long time. Even a few Labour defections have taken place. The plain fact is that only UKIP is capable of speaking up for all of this countries interests and peoples. Their Policies are clearly very good since the Tories keep trying to steal them. It would be unsurprising but welcome if another Tory MP defects soon. We are the party of truth and new style politics. The establishment is terrified. We will apologise for mistakes; treat people with fairness and respect and consider the best interests of all sections of society. We are inclusive and welcome everyone of any religion or none to join be they white, black, mixed ethnicity, gay, straight, bi or transgender. There is no truth in our opponents representation of us as anything else. Contact us at Mid Sussex to join or help the campaign.Time to choose