The 3 parties agree on ‘climate change’. UKIP does not!

There are many prominent scientists who do not accept the science of the climate change debate. Try googling ‘SCIENTISTS WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE.’ You might be surprised, says Toby Brothers.

In 1600, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for asserting (amongst other heresies) that the earth was round, and was not the centre of the Universe. In those days, the conventional wisdom AND the dominant paradigm, was the flat earth theory. Everyone; the church, scientists and public all believed it. And they had to make it clear that they believed that the Earth was flat, and the centre of the Universe. The parallel is clear with today’s dominant paradigm that human activity, and CO2 emissions, are a primary cause of climate change. Today, if an academic challenges the orthodoxy, he risks his post, his tenure, his grant funding, his access to publication in scientific journals. In Bruno’s time, he risked the stake.UKIP world pic